Site Design & Management

Site Design & Management

Successful multi-residential (MR) sector management starts at the recycling site. That is, through the establishment and enforcement of effective design, logistical, and contractual requirements. It continues with administering the tools necessary to ensure informed decision-making and program planning: a meaningful and current database, and a suitable program model. And finally, successful MR management seeks to learn from and incorporate the experience of peers and the latest research.

Among the primary obstacles faced by the multi-residential sector towards achieving optimal diversion, is site design. In this section, find design guidelines, including LEED and Ontario Building Code recommendations, and samples of municipal site development guides. Read more

Establishing on-site multi-residential recycling collection requires a municipality to undertake a number of administrative and contractual steps. Read more

Managing a high performing, cost-effective waste management program requires a comprehensive understanding of your local multi-residential sector. Track your multi-residential buildings to ensure informed planning, financial, operational and outreach decisions. Read more

Overview and analysis of the various program and funding models used in the multi-residential sector. Read More

A variety of resources to guide multi-residential program planning and management: including established best practices, emerging best practices, research, CIF Connections and more.  Read more

Reports from municipalities on their CIF-funded activities are a valuable source of information for multi-residential program managers. Learn about their success stories and overcoming challenges through selected project reports. Read more