Once recycling infrastructure is set-up within a multi-residential (MR) building, it is critical to make sure property managers, superintendents and residents have the equipment and service they need to follow-through on municipal recycling expectations.

To ensure efficient operations performance know your MR buildings; specifically, their site set-up and container needs. Track this important information with a multi-residential database. Read more

Research shows that having enough storage space for recyclables is critical to a successful diversion program. Find out more about capacity requirements and take advantage of the CIF group tender for recycling containers. Read More

To promote strong participation and low contamination, MR recycling stations must have good signage. When designing signage, follow best practice strategies outlined in the CIF Depot pages. Read more. For signage samples visit the P&E Gallery.

Reports from municipalities on their CIF-funded initiatives are a valuable source of information. Learn about multi-residential success stories and overcoming challenges through selected operations-related project reports. Read more

A variety of resources to inform MR operations performance: established best practices,
emerging best practices, research, CIF Connections and more. Read more