Benchmarking & Evaluation

Benchmarking & Evaluation

Some of the most influential components of programming – benchmarking, consultation and evaluation – can be overlooked in multi-residential recycling program planning or first on the chopping block when resources are tight. Understanding the nuances and impacts of programming however, can substantially improve long-term success and the cost savings.

Benchmarking provides data upon which municipalities can build their programming; it enables goal-setting and the ability to measure the impact of specific initiatives. Read more

A valuable step in recycling planning, consultation can ensure municipalities develop programming that resonates with residents, while preventing costs associated with misunderstood materials or ineffective outreach. Read more

Measuring and monitoring (M+M) performance is critical to program delivery and change. With it you can determine if your activities – and the resources applied to them – need correction mid-delivery or more importantly, have achieved their desired goals. M+M, along with qualitative program evaluation, can provide a comprehensive understanding of a program and its potential, resulting in well-informed, financially-prudent waste management decisions. Read more

Qualitative analysis during and upon completion of program delivery can highlight effective components, identify unforeseen barriers or challenges, and encourage creative problem solving and program progression. Read more