Moving away from the CIF Price Sheet

For years, the CIF has published the monthly CIF Price Sheet which highlights prices reported by municipalities for marketed, largely post-consumer, residential materials such as metals, glass, plastics and fibres. As part of the transition of Ontario’s Blue Box Program to individual producer responsibility the CIF has been directed to wind up operations as soon as practical and no later than December 31, 2025. As part of that decision, it is expected that publication of the CIF Price Sheet will not continue in the future.

The CIF PriceImage of Price Sheet Sheet provides an indicator of market trends compiled from a range of municipal programs across Ontario and is used by municipal staff and others involved in the industry for a variety of purposes. Some municipalities are known to use the Price Sheet as a basis for compensation in contracts with private processors. If this is the case for your municipality, it might be time to consider alternative approaches.

Municipalities that rely on the CIF Price Sheet are encouraged to discuss potential alternatives with their current contractors. If a new processing RFP or tender will be issued before transition occurs, municipalities are encouraged to build in alternatives at the outset of a new contract. Options can include language that allows the basis for compensation to change if and when publication of the Price Sheet is terminated. An example of a Change Management Clause that would generally allow for flexibility can be found in the CIF Centre of Excellence. If some municipalities require it, the CIF could develop a specific clause to address this concern. Other options include specifying a default index or including language in the RFP or tender allowing prospective proponents to propose alternative indices.

The details and timing of the wind up of the CIF will be determined in the coming year, as part of the development of a windup plan, by Stewardship Ontario, for the Blue Box Program. In the interim, municipalities concerned about the termination of the CIF Price Sheet are encouraged to contact CIF staff. Stakeholders are also encouraged to monitor updates on the Blue Box transition for clarification of the associated timing of such changes.

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