4. Our Council members want to be on the evaluation team is that a good idea? What should I do?

Councillors are not typical evaluation team members because, as the final decision makers tasked with awarding a contract, their presence on the evaluation team can be challenged by proponents/bidders, possibly resulting in litigation or a do over, on the grounds that submission evaluations were:

  • Biased, (a Councillor has personal issues with my family/friends/company/politics so scored my submission harshly)
  • Intimidation, (staff/consultant(s) report to/paid by Council so a Councillor on the evaluation team has too much influence over the final scores because staff won’t challenge them)
  • Conflict of interest, (Councillor, family, associate, etc. actually has, or is perceived to have, an economic benefit if a contract is awarded to a specific proponent/bidder)
  • Councillor(s) may not be technically qualified, (staff, consultant(s), engineers perform waste management tasks and existing waste contract administration every day, Councillors do not)

For the above reasons, it’s better not to have Councillors on the evaluation team.  Let your qualified team independently come to a preferred supplier recommendation and let Council question, explore and debate the recommendation in open Council before making an award.  Contact CIF staff for friendly advice, no charge evaluation team training, sample evaluation spreadsheets and help when you need it, including council presentations if necessary.


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