Earn Four Continuing Education Units for the 2017 Datacall and Upgrade Your Skills

The next session of CIF’s Fundamental Principles in Recycling Planning is now open

Over the past few months, CIF has been offering this new online course. Participants say it’s a great value for staff who want to learn something new, deepen their knowledge on specific, technical topics, or simply update their knowledge at a time when developments are requiring a strong understanding of the blue box system in its entirety. This course is unique in its comprehensiveness.

The multi-module course provides insights to support staff decisions for planning, implementing and operating a blue box recycling program. The course is:

  • Free of charge to municipal and First Nations staff
  • Available online, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Fully narrated and includes activities, quizzes and case studies

After successfully completing the final exam, participants earn four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to be used towards their best practice score in the RPRA Datacall.

Heather Taylor of EWSWA recently completed the course and says, “whether you’re working in an entry-level position or as a manager, you’ll learn something. Going through the course was time well spent. The fact that it was free and didn’t require me to travel was a huge bonus!”

Managing change by staying up to date

Change is upon us, and if you and your staff have been tasked with helping develop EPR transition plans, this course will provide a refresher for all program aspects that need to be considered and addressed.

Online Fundamentals covers legislation, markets, processing, collections, promotion & education and policies. It also includes vital sections on measuring and monitoring and how to present consolidated plans to senior management or council.

Lindsay Quinn of Barrie says, “even in areas where I have a lot of experience, I picked up something new”.

Level of effort anticipated

This is not a walk in the park…but we can promise that every minute you spend is valuable to your program and developing your skills. The course includes:

  • 9 modules with a quiz at the end of each that unlocks the module that follows
  • Activities, case studies and links to additional resources
  • A final, 2-hour exam, comprising 100 questions that you can complete at a time of your choosing

Many participants have echoed the same sentiment saying, ‘this course helped further my understanding of waste management practices, processes, and legislation. The online learning platform made it easy to fit course time into a busy schedule. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in the waste management industry!’

Don’t get left behind!

Join more than 30 of your municipal colleagues who have already enrolled. To sign up, contact Alexis Stupich at alexis.stupich@gmail.com today and get started on the modules as early as Monday, September 18!

For questions about the course itself, please email Jessica Landry.