Depot Report Summaries

Depot Report Summaries


2015 – Municipality of French River – Transfer Station & Public Access Depot Upgrades 

Expanded the recycling depot by constructing concrete loading ramp, installing asphalt turning area and chain link fencing, adding 8 yd3 recycling bins, directional signage and P&E. Recyclable tonnage increased 13% and staffing costs decreased by 30%.

2015 – Municipality of Fort Francis – Transfer Station Upgrades

Upgraded the loading ramp resulting in reduced loading times. Added new 8 yd3 recycling bins and directional signage. Costs provided. Went over budget due to unanticipated site conditions. 42% reduction in labour requirements achieved and increase in diversion expected.

2015 – Township of Central Frontenac – Depot Upgrades

Goal to reduce hauling costs for recyclables by investing in 18 top loading 40 yd3 roll-off containers. Resulted in 53% reduction in annual hauls. Other benefits are that material is more easily contained and staff spends less time cleaning up wind- blown material. Costs provided. Bins and setup cost more than estimated. Key learnings provided.

2014 – Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority – Regional Blue Box Depot

Construction costs for a regional depot went over budget by $12K due to new Provincial Operations and Management plan requirements (e.g. elaborate Household Chemical Waste Depot) and other items added to the cost.

2009 – Municipality of Fort Francis – Improvements to Transfer Station

Review of existing operations to develop recommendations to increase new transfer station effectiveness. Examined three options – Transtor system, compaction trailer, current system optimization. No results.


2015 – Municipality of West Nippissing – Small Program P&E Plan

Used fliers and new signage to reduce contamination and increase participation rates. Participation increased from 50% to 62% and tonnage increased 10%.

2015 – Township of McNab/Braeside – Small Program P&E Plan Implementation

Installed new signage at the recycling depot with goal of reducing contamination and increasing diversion. New signs reduced contamination fines and lowered staff time spent sorting recyclables.

2015 – City of Dryden – Small Program P&E Plan Implementation

Implemented a P&E program which included depot signage. Diversion of recyclables increased but mostly due to other P&E efforts.

2015 – Township of Lanark Highlands – Small Program P&E Plan Implementation

In an attempt to increase participation in depot recycling, the Township installed new signage at three sites, including directional signage. Signage provided clear instructions on what was accepted at each location. No results reported.

2013 – Municipality of Meaford – Signage at Transfer Station

Developed signage at the entrance of the transfer station and in front of and/or hung on appropriate waste collection containers highlighting materials to be placed in that container. Has resulted in increased efficiency of movement at the site and the increased recognition of diversion. No data reported.

2013 – Township of North Frontenac – Blue Box P&E Plan

Goal was to increase tonnage and reduce contamination of recyclables, standardize the program and increase participation by seasonal population and tourists. P&E targeted cottagers and campers using billboards and laminated posters and provided brochures at the depot. Bags of recyclables increased 6%.


2014 – Township of Killaloe Hagarty Richards – Communication Plan

Implemented communication plan to increase depot recycling, including new signage to help residents know where/what is recyclable. The signs indicate sorting requirements with images and text based support. Costs provided. Blue Box diversion rate increased from 22% to 28%. Also introduced bag/tag and clear bag policies.

2013 – District Municipality of Muskoka – Waste Recycling Strategy

Strategy discusses the plan to install eight additional solar powered compactors in depots and the associated costs. Recommendations include purchasing additional compactors for depots, dropping bag limits to one and modifying depot hours to better accommodate seasonal population.

2011- Township of Addington Highlands – Waste Recycling Strategy

A review of options to optimize material transfer with focus on solar compactors. Recommends exploring partnerships, training and compaction.

2010 – McKeller Township – Waste Recycling Strategy

Strategy developed to reduce depot operating costs, increase awareness of recycling program and diversion. Report identifies better practices and recommends increased P&E, staff training and monitoring the solar powered recycling compactors.

2010 – Municipality of Killarney – Recycling Program Review

Review of depot operations and costs, especially waterfront depot experiencing high contamination rates. Report recommends improving signage at depots with clear, easily read signs that emphasize graphics and remove waterfront depot and replace it with public space recycling containers in the BIA.

2010 – Township of McMurrich/Monteith – Waste Recycling Strategy

Township does not offer curbside recycling so review conducted of depot operations. Recommended better signage, P&E and outreach, e.g. community contest. Also recommended a potential partnership with 13 nearby townships that have worked together in the past, (e.g. share hiring of a waste specialist) and to have recyclables processed at nearby township. The need for monitoring activities identified and explored.