Depot Resources

Depot Resources

To help depot operators make informed decisions about siting, design and operations, the CIF has developed a set of tools, including:

In CIF Project 738, we developed a guide for depot operators that covers topics from siting and design to operations, capital costs and an activity based cost modeling. It is intended to be a comprehensive guide on how to plan and operate a blue box depot – but if there is anything missing – please let us know. View: Small Municipal Depot Guidebook (2016)

The CIF Activity Based Costing model is designed to help plan costs to expand, construct and operate depots that receive less than 500 tonnes per year (tpy) of recyclable materials. The model is a tool to enhance the Small Municipal Depot Guide – and this is a standalone, MS Excel version for your use.

View: Depot Costing Model (November 2018). If you have trouble with this version of MS Excel, please email David Faris Yousif for another format.

Good signage is key to ensuring good participation and low contamination. Keep the message clear and simple, use recognized colours, pair images with text and make it visible. See samples and read more

If your program currently ships material in uncompacted 40 yd3 roll off bins, use this spreadsheet to estimate your annual program savings by installing a compactor. Simply input a few of your local program variables, like number of lifts etc., and the tool will estimate potential savings by using average compactor installation costs/savings obtained from previous CIF projects.

Programs that use depots to collect Blue Box materials can survey users to gain info that would be needed to apply for assistance for a more detailed waste composition study. In addition to obtaining important information about your program and your residents’ needs, this gives you another way to promote recycling, educate depot users, offer tips and answer their questions.

View: Depot Pre Screening Survey and Depot Waste Composition Study Worksheets

On CIF’s Waste Composition Studies webpage, you’ll find other resources that will help you learn which materials, residues and quantities are in your depot bins. View: Waste Composition Studies webpage.

A number of selected depot project reports related to various depot activities are sorted by function and summarized and to get your research started. The summaries help you quickly decide if you need to read the full report for detailed project information/results. You can also search all CIF reports available to the public at this link:  Search All Reports. If you can’t find what you need, contact CIF staff.