Depot Operations

Operations Better Practices

Depot operating hours must accommodate user availability and seasonal demand fluctuations. Operating hours will be impacted by services offered and traffic volumes. Read more

Complexity, services offered and traffic volumes all affect staffing requirements. Staff can help resolve contamination, vandalism and theft issues, keep the site clean, ensure safe operations and traffic flow. Providing appropriate training and safety equipment is key. Read more

All in-bound vehicles should be screened to ensure that recyclables are sorted properly and potentially dangerous materials do not enter. Monitoring and record keeping help provide important information for effective depot operations, setting budgets and providing feedback to the public and Council. Read more

Making provisions for nuisances such as dust, odour, insects and vermin and for potential emergency situations is an important part of successful depot operations. Read more

A lack of consistency by municipalities is one of the main problems with P&E efforts. Many regard P&E as a one-time effort to inform residents about new programs or changes to programs, however, successful operations require regular P&E to remind users to maintain or correct diversion behaviour. Read more