The CIF has produced a comprehensive tool designed to provide municipal Councillors and staff with key information, case studies and a detailed implementation road map prior to approval of a clear bag policy. Click the link to download your copy of the Clear Bags Implementation Toolkit 2015

Links to the following docs:

Wikipedia Pay-As-You-Throw

P&E tools and guidance – resources that are designed for smaller programs but can also serve as a guide for large programs

2016 Spring ORW – Power of Policy: Impacts on Diversion and Program Costs (Includes presentations from: The Blue Mountains – Bag limits & PAYT policies: Do they Affect Diversion?  Niagara Region – How To Actively Enforce A ‘Tag & Leave’ Program For Unacceptable Blue & Grey Box Set-Outs, City of Markham – How To Successfully Implement A Clear Bag Program & Increase Diversion, Region of Waterloo – How To Manage Contamination Rates By Managing Your Collection Contractor)

Project Reports 

  • Clear Bag Implementation P&E (#902), Town of Kearney, Report
  • Clear Bag (Garbage) Implementation Tool Kit – The ON Experience (#748), Report
  • Multi Residential In-Unit Blue Bags (#366), Report
  • Multi Residential Service Standardization Initiative (#864), Quinte Waste Solutions, Report to come
  • Multi Residential RFID Integration with On-Board Weigh Scales (#328), Peel Region, Report to come
  • Blue Box Program Relaunch: P&E Campaign (#937), Region of Waterloo, Report to come