Bag Limits

Bag Limits

Bag limits are a policy that simply restricts the number of bags/containers of waste that a household can set out for each collection cycle. Municipalities typically rely on three reasons to set bag limits including:

  • To reduce waste set out for each collection cycle (reduce collection cost)
  • Make households more aware of landfill volumes they produce
  • Encourage recycling as an alternative and extend landfill life. Read more.

The following 4 components need to be addressed prior to adopting bag limits.

Pre-implementation monitoring of waste volume at the curb provides useful information to help establish the initial bag limit. Read more

Residents must be informed well in advance about new bag limits and understand what alternative waste diversion programs are available to off-set collection changes. Read more

Residents adjust to new bag limits over time making it easier for transition to new lower limits or a Pay-As-You-Throw program. Read more

Prior to adoption of limits, review, enhance and implement alternative waste management policies, starting set out limits, incremental limit reductions, ongoing P&E, landfill bans, etc. Read more