Blue Box Transition

Transition Working Group

With transition on the horizon, AMO’s Municipal Resource Recovery and Research Collaborative (M3RC) and the CIF have partnered to develop and launch a Transition Working Group (formerly known as the Collection Working Group). This group will work to develop a range of tools, templates and training packages that will help prepare all Ontario municipalities and First Nations communities to transition their Blue Box programs to the Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework.

Municipal waste, operations, financial, procurement, legal, and communications staff who are interested in joining this effort can read through the description of the sub-committees below, and contact Carrie Nash for more information.

Five sub-committees coordinated by Transition Steering Committee

The Transition Working Group will be comprised of five sub-committees coordinated by a Transition Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will help set direction and ensure the comprehensive learnings of all sub-committees are shared out to all municipalities and First Nations communities.

The sub-committees will focus on:

  • Contracts – collection service and other procurement through to contract development and management prior to transition and in advance of and including the 2023-25 transition period
  • Communications & Change Management – common approach / tools to assist with change management
  • Fair Compensation – ensuring municipalities have the tools to properly assess collection scenarios and report to Council
  • Data Reporting and Monitoring – common approach / tools to assist with data management (i.e., administrative & operational)
  • Post Collections – tools to support decisions related to post collection activities at transfer station and MRFs (e.g., decision tree)

Each sub-committee will be tasked with the development of a set of deliverables over a proposed timeline. The CIF will help ensure there are resources and funding needed to complete the work.

Interested in participating?

This is an open call to all communities, municipal and First Nation, to join us in this effort. In particular, we are looking for committee members with subject matter experience related to each individual focus area.

Scroll through the slides below for more details about each of the sub-committees. If you would like to join a sub-committee, contact Carrie Nash.

It is expected that sub-committees will begin work in March and will require approximately 4-8 hours per month of time.