Center of Excellence Depot Pages Updated

The CIF has heard you ask for more depot resources, guidance and expertise so we’ve upgraded our Center of Excellence – Depot pages, in a way that all connects together and allows you to drill down into the details of the topic that you want without having to read through massive amounts of other information.

And, we’ve heard that the new features that we launched in the Public Space and Signage section are hitting the mark – making it easier for you to find the information you want and drill down to the details you need.

With that in mind, the new Depot sections offer the same type of menus and links that will help you to jump to what you need, when you need it.  We have divided all this great information into four main categories:


Each category link will take you to more detailed topic pages and provide you with our new sidebar menus which allow you to quickly navigate to the subtopics you are particularly interested in.

You now have the power to quickly browse a lot of information with just a few mouse clicks and open the topic specific details in seconds. If the pages are not quite what you needed, you can jump to another topic and immediately continue your research.

More resources, like the new interactive bin density study tool, and an updated depot costing model, will be added to the depot pages in the coming months so please check back often and provide your comments/feedback if you want us to make any changes to the new depot pages or any other Center of Excellence resources.

Contact CIF Staff

CIF staff is always ready to help. We encourage you to contact any member of the team to discuss your issues and questions or to help you find what you need.