EPR Resources

EPR Resources

Background Information

  1. Sample Council Report EPR Backgrounder/Update – A sample report designed to help staff report to Council on the latest EPR developments.
  2. Township of Southgate EPR Update Council Report – An example of a small municipality staff report to Council on the latest EPR developments.
  3. A Primer on British Columbia EPR
  4. Watch a two minute video of municipal staff explaining why Council decided to fund a major Activity Based Costing (ABC) project

Cost Models

  1. Depot Costing Model– This model is designed to help plan costs to expand, construct and operate depots receiving under 500 tonnes/yr. of recyclables.
  2. Small Municipality Full Cost Accounting Toolkit: This tool employs accounting inputs to create a full cost accounting of recycling programs. For more information, email Mike Birett.
  3. Landfill Cost Model – This cost model is designed to help determine the cost allocation of recyclables entering/consuming available landfill capacity. The model calculates the present value of the costs required to establish, operate and conduct post-closure monitoring over the life of the landfill and allocate these costs on a densified volume basis. Field testing for this model is underway – to participate please contact CIF Staff.
  4. Curbside Collection Cost Model – This ABC Tool is designed to help estimate the full costs of capital, staffing and other resources required to provide curbside collection services. Field testing for this model is underway – to participate, please contact CIF Staff.
  5. MRF Materials Processing Cost Model – This ABC Tool is designed to help estimate and allocate the full costs of processing individual materials in a Material Recovery Facility. Field testing for this model is underway – to participate please contact Carrie Nash.
  6. Blue Box Program ABC Cost Model – The intent of the model is to support municipalities and provide them with an understanding of the impact they may incur by transitioning to EPR/IPR or alternative options. For more information, email Dave Faris Yousif

Need Help?

Cost models can be complicated! Contact CIF Staff for help using them.

Asset Valuation

Municipalities owning major Blue Box related assets and businesses may need to value them prior to making decisions to retain or divest Blue Box operations following transition to EPR.

  1. MRF business valuation Sample RFP (a sample template for consulting work to obtain a business valuation, strategic option evaluation and market analysis for your MRF processing business and a sample RFP Proposal Evaluation Template spreadsheet).
  2. MRF land and building appraisal Sample RFQ (a sample RFQ issued by a municipality including the scope of work required to obtain the current local real estate fair market value of an owned MRF building/land excluding process equipment or business assets).
  3. MRF equipment valuation Sample RFQ equipment scope of work and MRF Equipment Inventory Template (a sample template for listing MRF equipment details for use by the equipment valuation consultant contracted via the RFQ).

Project Reports

  • Several EPR Transition Support project are currently underway as identified on the CIF Transition Project Reports webpage.
  • As project results become available, we’ll provide information on the Transition Reports webpage.
  • In the interim, please contact David Faris Yousif for more information about any of the projects.