Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge?

The “CIF Challenge” is a contest designed to test your knowledge of Blue Box program better practices and learnings through information posted on the CIF website. It offers a new opportunity to dig into the insights and information derived from the hundreds of projects completed, and the hard work of municipalities and other CIF stakeholders over the years.

Here’s how it works

Every other week we plan to post a question that you can answer by engaging your sleuthing skills and showing us what you find out. We’ll publish each question on the “CIF Challenge” webpage and include it in an upcoming CIF blog.

Anywhere you see the CIF Challenge icon (top right), you can click to reveal the current question and submit your answer. When each question closes, we’ll review everyone’s answers and select one winner at random from amongst the respondents with the correct answer. The selected entry will need to comply with the challenge rules to win.

Win a $10 coffee e-gift card

Winners will have a chance to take out their reusable mug and head over to their local coffee shop! We’ll notify winners and send prizes by email. Correct responses to each question, along with winners’ names and affiliations will be posted on the CIF Challenge webpage.

We plan to award six gift cards between now and April, so keep your eyes open. Individuals are eligible to win up to two times.

Are you ready to play?

The first question is open now:

Multi-residential (MR) recycling is a challenge that is addressed in the CIF Centre of Excellence.

What are the four MR best practices for promotion and education that are identified in this section?

This question is open till 4 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2018.

For more information: contact CIF Communications.