CIF Priorities

Optical Sort and Lines

Optical Sort and Lines

The CIF priorities this year are detailed in the 2018 CIF Operations Plan. This is an ‘interim’ plan, designed to permit continued operations of the CIF in accordance with its Three Year Strategic Plan (2016-2018) but recognizes the potential for the amended BBPP (a-BBPP) to trigger the wind down of the Fund. Accordingly, the 2018 CIF Operations Plan includes provisions to allow it to be modified, where necessary, as a result of an approved amendment of the draft a-BBPP.

This year’s Plan focuses on transitional support and continued provision of appropriate services under the CIF Centre of Excellence (CofE).

Essential Learnings from Completed Projects in ‘Centre of Excellence’ Pages of this Site

Key learnings and a summary of resources from many CIF projects are distilled in the “Centre of Excellence” section of this website under the categories of:

  • Collections
  • Operations
  • Promotion and Education
  • Policy and
  • Procurement

To learn more about specific projects that have received CIF Funding: visit Funding & Projects