2017 REOI Update – 2018 Municipal Needs Survey

The 2017 REOI was approved to distribute up to $5,180,000 and was issued March 13. The REOI closed May 3 and municipalities responded enthusiastically by submitting 35 applications for funding before the deadline.  The total value of all the proposed projects was $14,938,670 and $7,935,543 of funding was requested from CIF.  Following all the evaluations, CIF has approved $2,031,120 for distribution.

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the results shortly and the grant preparation process has begun for those that will receive funding. If you have any questions about the results of your application, please contact CIF staff.

2017 will go down as a pivotal year in Ontario’s recycling history. The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) transition timeline for Blue Box materials was substantially revised and all recycling programs now face the tough job of preparing for the new regime.

CIF is now planning our operations strategy for 2018 and we have noted that funding priorities are shifting for our municipal clients.  So far we’ve heard that municipalities will continue to focus on individual cost savings and cost containment efforts but will be delaying implementation of “regionalization type” initiatives until there is greater clarity around how the new legislation will affect program operations.  We’ve also been told municipal councils continue to task staff with exploring opportunities to divert more material as well as keep them informed about EPR developments. Others anticipate submitting applications for assistance with their contracts and to evaluate their programs and develop options in response to the new legislation.

To help us better understand your needs, we have developed a very simple 5 question municipal needs survey that we ask everyone to take 2 minutes now to complete.  Just click this link 2018 Municipal Needs Survey and tell us how you think CIF should prioritize 2018 funding to best help you going forward.  This is your chance to directly influence the funding process and your survey responses will be a large factor in setting the 2018 CIF funding priorities and amounts.

The survey responses are anonymous and you are encouraged to email CIF staff should you wish to add any additional comments about how CIF will provide value to your programs in 2018.

Contact CIF Staff

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