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  • August 17 CIF Bulletin: MOECC Releases Direction for Proposal for Amended Blue Box Program Plan; RPRA and SO required to submit proposal by February 15, 2018
  • The 2017 CIF Request for Expressions of Interest is now closed. Projects will be awarded October, 2017.

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Earn Four Continuing Education Units for the 2017 Datacall and Upgrade Your Skills

The next session of CIF’s Fundamental Principles in Recycling Planning is now open Over the past few months, CIF has [...]

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Commodity Market Trends*

China is the largest importer of recovered materials in the world, accounting for approximately 27% of global scrap imports. [...]

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Reducing Costs by Integrating Residents into Your Blue Box Service Delivery Model

Go into any big box store today and you’ll be sure to find a self-serve check out aisle. Customers [...]

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