Updates on Ontario Recycling Programs

If you’ve missed some CIF blogs this fall and wonder where they went, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick recap of some of the top blogs from the past couple of months – so you can keep up with what’s happening in Ontario recycling programs and with key issues like managing contamination, markets, planning for the future and more. Without further ado…this fall’s Top 4…!

  1. Contamination: In a recent study, the City of Barrie sought to determine what the financial implications would be of achieving the 3% contamination level suggested in the draft aBBPP. See: CIF Explores Curbside Contamination Reduction in Barrie 
  2. Considering capital upgrades or operational changes for 2019? ​Here’s a quick explanation of how you can use the CIF’s ABC model to estimate impacts and assess options available to your program. See: How much does it cost to produce a higher paper grade 
  3. Marketing recyclables: Find out what 14 programs representing 77% of the ON population can tell us about pros/cons of recyclables marketing options in: Marketing Blue Box Commodities Matters: What Strategies Do Ontario Programs Use?
  4. Savings at depots with FEL bins: The Municipality of Hastings Highlands added Front End Loading (FEL) bins at 9 depots with projected savings of ~$60K/year and a 1.3 year payback period. See: Front End Loading Systems Again Demonstrate Cost Efficient Collection  

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