CIF 2020 Interim Operations Plan Overview

On August 15, 2019, the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks directed RPRA and Stewardship Ontario (SO) to develop a windup plan for the Blue Box Program Plan (BBPP) by June 30, 2020. This direction included instruction that the CIF wind up as soon as practical and no later than December 31, 2025.

Approval by RPRA of SO’s windup plan for the BBPP and CIF is not expected until year end 2020. Accordingly, this year’s plan is presented as an interim document with potential for change. The plan balances the Minister’s directive with the priorities established by CIF stakeholders to focus on efforts that support collective benefits and that emphasize initiatives and services and the current mandate as found in the BBPP.

As the province prepares to begin transitioning the Blue Box Program in 2023, and in accordance with these priorities, the Interim Plan will invest up to $1,500,000 to:

  1. Prepare municipalities for program transition;
  2. Aid in stabilizing sustainable markets for Ontario’s Blue Box materials;
  3. Aid municipalities with day-to-day decision making and longer-term planning; and
  4. Seek to continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing program at a collective level for those municipalities waiting to transition.

“Continuous Intake” of Proposals Replaces REOI Process for 2020

In an effort to expedite approvals of important work stakeholders wish to undertake, the CIF will consider project proposals that address budget priorities on a ‘continuous intake’ basis throughout the year. This approach will allow proposals to be submitted on a ‘first come first served basis’ until funds are fully committed, or the CIF receives new direction about its operations. This approach is intended to expedite completion of new projects while leaving flexibility to adapt to changes that may occur during the year.

Further information about the new funding approvals process will be provided when available. In the interim, feel free to contact any of the CIF staff if you have questions about funding for projects you are considering for 2020. It is anticipated that this will be the last year of grant activity by the CIF, so please also share our bulletin/blog sign up link with your colleagues who need to be aware of these changes.

2020 Funding Priorities

The 2020 Interim Plan offers funding for activities designed to provide a collective benefit to municipalities across the Province. Individual programs and their operators will continue to receive program support services and guidance for operational needs through the Centre of Excellence (CofE) as outlined below:

Collective actions for which funding is available include:

  • Market research and support
  • Collection and processing initiatives
  • Performance analytics and better practices research
  • Transitional support
  • Waste compositions studies

Program support services will continue to include:

  • Procurement and contract management support
  • Training initiatives
  • Outreach services through ORW and annual Blue Box Outreach sessions

Working Groups and Price Sheet

The CIF will continue to support Multi-Residential, Collections and MRF working groups that are providing advice and input to the development of new tools and information available through the CIF CofE. A Promotion and Education (P&E) working group will also focus on reducing contamination through production of effective P&E. For more information about the working groups, please contact CIF staff.


The CIF Price Sheet will also continue to be made available in 2020 to provide monthly pricing reported from across Ontario on Blue Box commodities.

Event Planning for 2020

Blue Box Outreach Sessions for Municipal Staff

While the CIF traditionally hosts its annual Blue Box Outreach sessions each spring, this year’s events will focus on the development of the new regulations and will be scheduled to take place when sufficient information is available.

Blue Box Transition Planning Phase 2

In response to requests from those of you grappling with program transition planning for your municipality, CIF staff is in the process of developing a one-day training session. More details will be made available shortly.

Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) & CIF Training Sessions Set for Mid May

This year marks the 25th Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) and planning is well underway for an excellent session. We plan to distribute invitations for two CIF training courses to be hosted on Wednesday, May 13 (for Municipal and First Nations staff) and for the ORW for all CIF stakeholders on Thursday, May 14. Stay tuned for details to come!

More information

We encourage you to review the 2020 Interim Operations Plan and to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Contact CIF staff

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