Spring 2017 Courses for Municipal Recycling Staff

CIF Training

Communication 2.0: How to Communicate for Behaviour Change

During this course, participants learned and applied principles and practice of effective communication for behavior change, to benefit recycling. If you weren’t able to join this session, CIF is considering hosting a second course. To be included in this session if you didn’t have a chance to sign up for the waiting list before May 17, please email CIF Communications.

CIF Training

Strategic RFPs for Recycling

During this course, participants learned about the fundamentals of RFP/tender drafting in plain language to help you understand the “why” behind the clause​. If you weren’t able to take part in this session, CIF is considering hosting a second class later this year. Please email CIF Communications to let us know if you have an interest in being added to the waiting list.

RPRA Training

“Datacall Roast”: Think Tank & One on One Training

For information about this session and the RPRA Datacall, please email Mary Cummins, RPRA.