The CIF Challenge Rules

The “CIF Challenge” is a contest designed to test your knowledge of Blue Box program better practices and learnings through information posted on the CIF website. Click the icon above to reveal the current Challenge question.

The CIF Challenge Rules

Who can participate

The CIF Challenge is open to all CIF stakeholders: i.e., individuals, 18 years and older, who live or work in Ontario, with an interest in operating the Blue Box recycling program.

This may include Ontario municipal staff and elected officials, consultants that deal with waste management issues in Ontario and have had some form of correspondence or relationship with the CIF, stewards or producers of Blue Box materials, processors, end market representatives, collectors, CIF contractors and partners plus staff in related associations and Ontario residents.

Contest format

To participate, individuals must correctly complete a bi-weekly question relating to information posted on the CIF’s website ( Contest questions will be distributed with the CIF Connections blog, using CIF’s master mailing list, and posted here on the CIF website.

Contest timeframe

The contest will be held over a twelve-week period beginning on 8th of January, 2018, and extending through to April, 2018. The CIF reserves the right to extend the timeframe should it choose to do so.

How to win the CIF Challenge

To win, a contestant will need to:

  1. Submit answers prior to the release of the next bi-weekly question AND
  2. Have won the CIF Challenge less than two (2) times previously AND
  3. Answers the contest question correctly.

Submissions will be reviewed in the order received. If any of the above conditions are not met, then the next submission will be chosen; this process continues until all 3 conditions can be met. If the list of respondents is exhausted before all conditions are met then organizers will select two (2) winners from the next bi-weekly eligible submissions. Odds of winning are contingent on the number of correct responses received.

Questions will remain in effect for a two-week period and responses will be submitted online.

CIF staff and contractors that work directly in development and delivery of the CIF Challenge are not eligible to win prizes through the CIF Challenge.

For more information: email CIF Communications.


The CIF Challenge collects only the personal information needed for the contest; personal information collected from participants to the CIF Challenge will never be sold or provided to other organizations.

Personal information collected for this contest is only used to contact contestants in direct relation to the contest and is retained only as permitted under CASL.

Contestants that submit contact information will be subscribed to receive CIF publications. To remove your information from the CIF database, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of your next CIF communication or email CIF Communications.

Winning responses

We will post each completed question, along with the correct response and the name of the winner on its “CIF Challenge” contest page. The winners names will remain posted for a period of one month following the end of the contest period.

Number and value of prizes

The CIF will award six (6), ten dollar ($10) coffee gift cards over the twelve (12)-week contest period. Prizes will be provided electronically as ‘e-cards’. All prizes will have been awarded within two (2) weeks following the end of the contest period.