Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI)

What is the CIF’s REOI?

The Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) is a vehicle to solicit high quality proposals for funding of projects consistent with the annual priorities established for the CIF and detailed in its Operations Plan. The proposals provided through this process enable CIF to determine which projects represent the greatest benefits to local, multi-municipal or Province-wide Blue Box programs and to allocate funding appropriately to optimize the return from available funds within the priority project areas identified for each year.

2018 REOI Information

A total of $3,635,369 in project funding has been included in the 2018 CIF Operations Plan for ‘open grants’.  However, provision of funding, normally offered through the CIF’s annual REOI process is postponed pending clarification of timing around a decision on the a-BBPP (not expected before April 2018). Should the a-BBPP be approved, CIF Committee intends to undertake a review the CIF’s 2018 Operations Plan to ensure it is in alignment with the provisions of the a-BBPP, prior to release of project funds.

In the event that the a-BBPP is not approved in a timely manner, it is expected that CIF Committee will proceed with release of an REOI process as in past years, subject to modification as necessary. CIF staff will notify stakeholders about any decision to open an REOI as soon as such information may become available. In the meantime, stakeholders are invited to contact CIF staff to discuss potentially-fundable projects and any timing and/or operational concerns they may have.

In 2017, the REOI was approved to distribute up to $5,180,000. Municipalities responded by submitting 35 applications. Learn more

  1. System optimization
  2. Projects achieving cost savings or cost containment
  3. Transitional support in response to New legislation
  4. Centre of Excellence projects, including:
    • Development of better practices & tool kits
    • Research into materials management
    • Support for RFP & tender development
    • Training initiatives
    • Outreach services
    • Waste composition studies
    • Performance audits

The REOI documents, submission forms and key resources are available below.

  1. REOI Document
  2. REOI FAQ– detailed responses to past and anticipated questions
  3. Submission Forms
    • Form 1– Applicant General Information (Mandatory and included with each of the other downloadable forms)
    • Form 2– Application for Optimization Projects
    • Form 3– Application for Cost Savings and Cost Containment Projects
    • Form 4– Application for Transitional Support in Response to new Legislation
    • Form 5– Application for Centre of Excellence Projects
  4. 2017 REOI Sample Payback Calculation Spreadsheet (updated for 2017)
  5. 2017 Project Evaluation Criteria
  6. Sample Project Timeline