Public Spaces and Signage tools

The new public space recycling and signage page features a lot of great information for you laid out in a convenient, drill-down format. When you go to the page, simply click Read More below the button on the topic that interests you to jump to the detailed information you need. (Note – the buttons are not clickable on the illustration below.)


The pages behind each main topic provide explanations of better practices and plenty of examples, discussion and supporting research to help avoid reinventing the wheel. This can be a great time saver to get you started or if you need to justify your planning or research to senior staff, other departments like parks/public works, residents or council.

Signage matters in more than just public spaces

Good signage is the key to participation and low contamination whether in a public space, on a truck, on a multi-residential bin or in a depot. Keep messages clear and simple, use recognized colours, pair images with text and make it visible. It sounds simple enough but there is a lot of science and testing behind how people perceive signage, understand and act on it. With only a few seconds to inform users how to behave, how do you optimize what works best? That’s why we included a stand-alone section on signage to help you, so be sure to check it out.

Much more to come

During 2017, CIF has ambitious plans to publish many more additions to the Center of Excellence web pages. Stay tuned for updated sections featuring Depots, RFP/Contracts/ Procurement, Compactors and much more.

Are we offering what you need?

We want to be sure we are giving you what you need in the Center of Excellence, so give us your feedback on the new web pages including anything you like or dislike or anything you think we missed or could do better. After all, we believe in Continuous Improvement, especially for ourselves!

Contact CIF Staff

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