Peel Cart Program Roll-Out: P&E Campaign

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A multi-media P&E campaign to coincide with the launch of the Region of Peel’s cart based collection program in January 2016.  This P&E campaign includes design, development and production of a variety of marketing tools including (but not limited to) online and print advertisements.  A significant focus of the campaign will be residue management, which is critical to cart based program success.

Documents Final Report: Recycling Contamination Digital Marketing Campaign
Blog Post July 28, 2016: Automated Cart Collection: What We Have Learned?

October 26, 2018: Use your digital media to get your message out: Peel did!

June 28, 2019: Digital Communication: Can It Help Municipalities Change Resident Set out Behaviours?

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More Information
Project # 882
Proponent Peel, Region of
CIF Funding $134,400
Date Approved September 15, 2015
Date Completed March 13, 2022