Multi-Residential Recycling FEL Container Wrap Pilot

Projects Description

A pilot project to determine the efficacy of vinyl wraps on front end loading bins as a P&E tool used to help increase recycling know-how thereby achieving increased diversion and decreased residue. The extent, to which the vinyl wraps lower the incidence of graffiti due to its anti-graffiti sealant will also be measured.

Documents Final Report: Multi-Residential Recycling FEL Container Wrap Pilot (20mb)
Blog Post November 11, 2016: Best Practices…That’s a Wrap for Ottawa’s Multi-Res Promotion & Education

December 14, 2018: ‘Tis the Season for Wrapping!

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More Information
Project # 929
Proponent Ottawa, City of
CIF Funding
Date Approved October 15, 2015
Date Completed December 17, 2018