Collection/Processing Contract Evaluation and MRF Impact Analysis

Projects Description

This project seeks to support the City of Cornwall with their recyclable material collection process and MRF processing by identifying the gaps and opportunities for improvement. This includes applicable activities and contract language required to provide efficient and effective operations by a contractor(s). This project will also assist the City to ensure their operations are well positioned for transition to full producer responsibility.

Documents Synopsis

RFP: Collection, Processing and Marketing of Recyclable Material and Collection of Curbside Waste

Excel: Contract Compliance Spreadsheet

Blog Post July 19, 2019: City of Cornwall Shows It’s Possible to Establish a Beneficial Contract, Even in Uncertain Times
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More Information
Project # 1075
Proponent Cornwall, City of
CIF Funding
Date Approved July 27, 2018
Date Completed November 23, 2020