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Killarney wishes to extend its recycling program to its public space by purchasing five twinned recycling and garbage bins for placement in public areas. Previous public space recycling efforts resulted in illegal dumping, high contamination and unsightly litter. The placement of twinned bins will help to solve previous problems by being collected daily and being highly visible. The total project cost is approximately $10,100 and CIF is contributing 28% of the funds.

Twinned garbage and recycling bins provided along the main street (tourist area). Only focused on container recycling, no fibre recycling provided. Costs for bins provided. Visual audit checklist used to identify fullness of bins and contamination. Concluded that the new twin bins resulted in almost no contamination of recyclables, and also handle large amounts of litter.

Documents Final Report: Public Space Recycling Project
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Project # 639.13
Proponent Killarney, Municipality of
CIF Funding $2,878
Date Approved July 12, 2011
Date Completed June 28, 2015