Public Space Recycling Compaction Containers

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Development of a public space recycling program though the City Downtown and waterfront areas as part of a redevelopment project.  The program will utilize solar powered compaction bins for collection of materials to try the technology and lower costs for collection.

Installed 16 solar powered self-compacting Big Belly Bins for recyclables which has resulted in diverting 15% of recyclables in the downtown area over a 12 month period. On average each Big Belly was emptied 1.6 times a month saving on collection time and costs by 41%. The Big Belly has received excellent support from staff and the public.


Documents Final Report: Public Space Recycling
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More Information
Project # 637.13
Proponent Kenora, City of
CIF Funding $48,864
Date Approved June 20, 2011
Date Completed February 5, 2013