Waste Recycling Plan – McMurrich/Monteith

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Waste Diversion Ontario (now the Resource Recovery and Productivity Authority) identified recycling strategies/plans as a best practice. The CIF will provide assistance to municipal programs for the completion of a Waste Recycling Plan. McMurrich/Monteith Township does not offer curbside recycling so review conducted of depot operations. Recommended better signage, P&E and outreach, e.g. community contest. Also recommended a potential partnership with 13 nearby townships that have worked together in the past, (e.g. share hiring of a waste specialist) and to have recyclables processed at nearby township. The need for monitoring activities identified and explored.


Documents Final Report: A Waste Recycling Strategy for the Corporation of the Township of McMurrich/Monteith
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Project # 536.2
Proponent McMurrich/Monteith, Township of
CIF Funding
Date Approved May 17, 2010
Date Completed January 1, 2012