City of Windsor Public Space Recycling Program

Projects Description

Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority partnered with the City of Windsor to establish a containers only recycling program in three separate public spaces throughout the city.  Project implementation costs are estimated to be approximately $187,000.  CIF funding of almost $75,000 (40% funding) was provided for this project with an expected payback of approximately 5 years.

Phase 1

Tested in ground storage bin (Alpha) placement and signage design. Focused on “beverage containers only” signage and advertised on city trail maps. The cost to purchase and install in ground was $1,593 per bin and ~$121/bin to service annually. Capture rate achieved is 68% with a contamination rate of 28%. Encountered problems with labels not adhering to bins.

Phase 2

Complete twinning of recycling bins with garbage bins and improved signage, labelling on bins. Large metal signs placed at park entrances and key areas and painted large Mobius Loops on the front and back of every in-ground bin (cheaper than stickers). Contamination was reduced to 12% and the capture of targeted material increased by 75%. saved the city in collection costs and created new revenue.


Documents Final Report: Public Space Recycling: Phase 1

Public Space Recycling: Phase 2

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More Information
Project # 340
Proponent Windsor, City of
CIF Funding $75,000
Date Approved March 9, 2011
Date Completed March 12, 2015