Multi-residential (MR) Community Housing Recycling Rooms

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Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is North America’s largest social housing agency with 58,000 units in 330 buildings. Project to create recycling rooms in 25 buildings by retrofitting moving rooms; includes improving security, upgrading ventilation systems and lighting, installing bumpers, convex mirrors, signage etc.

Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) delivered an initiative to increase recycling rates in some of its high-rise buildings. At project onset, diversion was 10-15% and recycling carts were kept outside. The project added recycling rooms to 25 TCHC buildings to increase blue box diversion to 20% or higher, and create a more accessible space for tenants. Weight-based monitoring and superintendent reporting was used to measure progress.


Documents Final Report: TCHC Recycling Room Pilot Project
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More Information
Project # 237
Proponent Toronto, City of
CIF Funding $212,500
Date Approved September 21, 2010
Date Completed February 11, 2015