Regional Cooperation

December 21, 2010

Municipal Program Support

Earth’s Edge Inc. retained to investigate municipal blue box programs in Eastern Ontario in order to provide support to those communities in an effort to coordinate a joint tender or establish best practices and to meet with the proprietor of Beauman Waste Management operations to update the CIF on its...

March 11, 2011

Eastern Ontario System Research & Analysis

In 2011, the CIF hired Earth’s Edge Inc. to compile data on the municipal and private sector waste system infrastructure in Eastern Ontario to aid it in making informed decisions on potential capital investments and other funding requests from local municipalities. This followed the work Earth’s Edge completed under Project...

November 29, 2011

Study of the Optimization of the Blue Box Material Processing System in Ontario

StewardEdge Inc. was retained to undertake a study to determine an optimized transfer and MRF infrastructure for Ontario. Documents Volume 1: Executive Summary Volume 2: Methodology & Model Volume 3: Cost Modeling Volume 4: Eastern Ontario Volume 5: Central Ontario & GTA Volume 6: Southwestern Ontario Volume 7: Northern Ontario Volume...

February 8, 2013

Geographical Optimization Project Modeling

The 2013 REOI process contemplates releasing approximately $9 million to municipalities interested in either implementing the results of the MIPC Provincial Infrastructure Study or similar cost saving initiatives. The CIF Committee at its Oct 30th, 2012 meeting directed staff to contract with RSS to provide support services to interested municipalities...

January 5, 2010

Haldimand County Transfer Station

In late 2008 the municipalities of Haldimand and Norfolk received funding from the CIF (Project 103) to conduct a review of the future viability of their jointly owned facility and to explore the various options. The completed report concluded that cessation of mrf operations and transfer of the two communities materials to more cost effective...

January 22, 2010

Public Sector MRF Capacity and Capability Study

To provide individual municipal owners, The Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Toronto and Stewardship Ontario with comprehensive independent information on the capacity, capability, condition and expansion plans of public sector MRFs in Ontario. Documents Final Report: MRF Study Summary Report Blog Post Related Projects Project #179 Project #367 Project #398 Categories Best Practices | Planning | Regional Cooperation |    

August 11, 2009

Waste Shed Analysis

University of Waterloo was to undertake a transportation study to develop waste shed opportunities. Project is closed and was not completed because it became redundant with the AECOM study requested by MIPC (Project #254). Documents Project Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Project #254 Project #367 Project #398 Categories Best Practices | Planning | Regional Cooperation |    

May 19, 2009

Eastern Ontario MRF Opportunities

Review current status of municipal contracts and programs around and east of Ottawa – develop MRF Strategy as requested by CIF Committee. Documents Final Report: MRF Regionalization in Easter Ontario: Review of Options for RARE Facility in Alexandria Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | Planning | Regional Cooperation |    

February 4, 2009

Southwestern Ontario Regional MRF

City of London is requesting capital funding for $15 million 75,000 tpy two-stream regional MRF. Preliminary estimates suggest that a regional facility will save $10 to 15 per tonne ($0.75 to $1.1 million per year) in net system costs. Potential partners include Oxford County, Norfolk County, Brant County, Wellington County, City of Brantford, City...

August 20, 2010

Multi-Municipal Waste Recycling Plan – Kenora and Dryden

Development of a co-operative Waste Recycling Plan as per as best practice laid out by Waste Diversion Ontario (now the Resource Recovery and Productivity Authority). Documents Final Report: Waste Recycling Strategy Blog Post Related Projects Project #215 Project #529.1 Categories Best Practices | Planning | Regional Cooperation |