CCPP Objective

Since 2009 CIF has coordinated a cooperative container procurement program for all Ontario Municipalities and First Nations. Request for Tenders (RFT) are issued by the CIF for blue boxes, recycling carts, and reusable bags. The rates secured are then extended to all provincial Blue Box program operators in order that they may purchase high quality containers at competitive rates. The overarching objective of these efforts is three-fold:

  1. Achieve overall system cost savings
    Providing an opportunity to work through a single cooperative tender process, in lieu of having individuals undertake their own procurement efforts and incur related expenses
  2. Leverage economies of scale
    Improving buying power by combining the container needs of numerous programs to attract multiple bids and ensure the best unit price is secured
  3. Encourage ‘Green’ procurement and market development
    Prioritizing the selection of containers featuring resins derived from plastics collected through Ontario’s residential Blue Box Program.

Each participating Municipality/First Nation retains its own separate corporate status and the responsibility of contracting directly with suppliers for container purchases. The CIF, as the issuer of the RFT, is not an agent of, partner to or representative of these entities and is not obligated or liable for any action or debts that may arise out of this cooperative procurement.

Please email Bradley Cutler, CIF Project Coordinator for more information about the CCPP Objective.