Ordering Containers

CIF Cooperative Container Procurement Program (CCPP)

Through the Cooperative Container Procurement Program (CCPP), CIF provides a service to secure competitive, annual fixed prices for Ontario recycling programs to purchase recycling containers. This opportunity is available to all Blue Box program operators in Ontario.

Program operators are invited to contact suppliers individually to establish contracts and payment arrangements to purchase containers*. Find out all about the CCPP and how to make arrangements to order containers for your program in the information on this and related pages.

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For more Information

Please email Bradley Cutler, CIF Project Coordinator for additional program details.

*Participating program operators retain their individual corporate status and are responsible for contracting directly with suppliers to make arrangements. CIF is not an agent of, partner to, or representative of these entities and is not obligated or liable for any action or debt that may arise out of cooperative procurement arrangements.

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