Municipalities Invest in Collection Programs through CIF Program

Most of our stakeholders will know the CIF provides Municipalities and First Nations with the opportunity to purchase blue boxes, recycling carts, and reusable bags at economies of scale pricing through the Cooperative Container Procurement Program (CCPP).

In fact, since April 2016 more than 50 municipalities have invested nearly $2M in their collection programs through this tender.

The current CCPP is scheduled to wrap up March 2018 and with that in mind CIF is asking you for your advice on whether the program should be extended for the remainder of 2018 and if you have any suggestions for how the program can be improved.  Please help CIF by completing a short survey

What do Recyclers say about the CCPP? 

“Niagara Region participates in the Cooperative Container Procurement Program because it positively supports municipalities with all the legwork that is needed to put together detailed procurement documents and to select products that best meet the needs of municipal residents.”
Lucy McGovern, Collection & Diversion Program Manager, Niagara Region

“South Dundas uses the container program because we are a small municipality and the program is a great way to access competitive prices so we can continue to make containers available to our residents at a low cost.  The program has prompted us to upgrade to larger containers, which we have received positive feedback from our residents because it allows them to recycle more and make less trips to the curb.”
Amanda Alexander, Administrative Assistant, Municipality of South Dundas

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