Knock Off the Roll Offs

Are you a community with recycling roll offs? Want to save some operating dollars? Consider knocking off your old, un-compacted, multi compartment recycling roll offs.

Depot set-up in Madawaska Valley Source: Township of Madawaska Valley Project 858 Report

In Eastern Ontario, the CIF supported two projects one for the Township of Madawaska Valley, (CIF Project 858) and the other for the Township of Bonnechere Valley, (CIF Project 844). Both recently made a switch from the traditional un-compacted multi compartment recycling roll offs to 8 yard collection containers collected by compaction trucks.  The results enabled each community to substantially reduce transportation costs. Madawaska Valley, for instance, was able to reduce their hauling costs by an estimated 36%.

While both communities use 8-yard containers, the CIF funded the two initiatives to test differences of various collection configurations. Madawaska Valley chose to go with rear load bins that are serviced by their own staff and a modified rear packer truck. This set up allowed the municipality to continue to use their rear packer for curbside collection but also dump the depot containers. Bonnechere Valley chose to go with front load bins and utilize a local recycling company for collection with a standard Front End Loader (FEL) truck.

Madawaska Valley has 3 depots and previously shipped 110 roll off loads per year. With the transition, the depots are serviced on an as needed basis and reduced the loads shipped  to 37 per year, representing a reduction in hauling frequency of 66%. Each depot is equipped with a series of 8 yard bins; enough for both fibre and container streams.  Participation in the program has increased as the use of ground level bins have made it easier for residents and attendants to participate and manage the recycling streams. Residents can drive up and drop materials into the bins, eliminating the health and safety and accessibility issues associated with climbing ramps previously used to acess forty yard rolloffs. Attendants can also easily watch and catch any errors (i.e., contamination) and grab the occasional item easily out of a bin to keep the recycling stream clean. Complete information on this project is available in the final report on the CIF web site (view Project 858).

Bonnechere Valley has 5 depots and data on the new program’s performance are still being gathered.  However, it is clear that the new operational approach is better and will be cheaper. By moving to front end bins and contracted services, the waste management system is seeing the same benefits as Madawaska Valley but this approach also has an added bonus. In addition to recycling, each depot also collects waste in separate front end bins. The contractor makes a milk run to collect waste, drops it at the one landfill and then does a reverse run on a recycling stream.  The truck is fully utilized and operating costs on the recycling and waste streams have dropped. Complete information on this will be available in the final report coming to the CIF web site by year end. Stay tuned.

For more information on these projects, contact CIF Staff or Joe Hall, Redi Recycling.