CIF Connections Enews Archive

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Issue 26, November 2015

  • Information and Updates: A Summary of CIF News
  • CIF Survey Results: Thank You For Your Thoughts
  • A New CIF Centre of Excellence Toolkit
  • Compactors Reduce Depot Costs with Fewer Lifts
  • Up-to-Date Markets Information For Your Program
  • Reusable Bags: Great for Depot & Multi-Res Programs!
  • MRF Operation & Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Strategic RFPs for Recycling
  • We’ve Changed Our Mailing Address

Issue 25, September 2015

  • Responding to a Changing Landscape
  • 2015 REOI Update
  • Are Carts a Viable Solution for your Program?
  • Half-full or Half-empty: Dealing with Recovered Glass
  • Keeping it Fresh: Tips for Your P&E
  • Monthly Market Info: CIF Price Sheet
  • CIF Fall Training
  • MWA Fall Workshop

Issue 24, January 2015

  • CIF and Partner Updates
  • Operating Effective Depots
  • Measurement & Monitoring Programs
  • Promotion & Education (P&E) Matters
  • Insights from In and Out of the MRF
  • Procurement & Contract Management

Issue 23, August 2014

  • Municipal Small Depot Guidebook
  • CIF Containers Purchase Program Up & Running for 2014-2015
  • Strategic Planning and Coordinated P&E Implementation Pays Off for Lanark Highlands
  • City of St. Thomas Shows That Contractors Can Become Your Strongest Ally in Performance Measurement (CIF # 422)
  • Niagara Region Takes a New Approach to Multi-residential (MR) Collection and Measuring Performance
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop: Wednesday, November 26, 2014
  • CIF Centre of Excellence P&E Training: Thursday, November 27
  • MWA Fall Workshop

Issue 22, April 2014

  • CIF/AMO Spring Outreach Sessions Address Datacall and Other Key Issues
  • Installing 18 – 40 Yard Bins Pays Off for Central Frontenac
    (CIF #805.3)
  • Promotion and Education Campaign Helps EWSWA Increase Recovery and Address Program Challenges (CIF #308)
  • CIF Centre of Excellence Training Update: Benchmarking and Assessing Course
  • CIF Container Tenders Under Review; New Suppliers to be Named by Mid-May
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop: Wednesday, June 4, 2014
  • CIF Centre of Excellence Training – Contracts Management Course: Thursday, June 5, 2014
  • MWA Spring Workshop: May 14 and 15, 2014

Issue 21, December 2013

  • CIF Posts “A to Z” Information to Start, Finish and Invoice for Projects
  • Pooling Resources to Develop Effective P&E
  • CIF Introduces Benchmarking & Assessing Training (#727)
  • Tenders for CIF Container Purchase Program Coming Soon! (#724)
  • CIF Job Posting
  • Spring Ontario Recycler Workshop Set to Kick Into Gear

Issue 20, September 2013

  • Reporting on CIF 2008 to 2013 Review
  • REOI Update
  • Spring Consultation 2013 Sessions on the Blue Box Program
  • Completing Projects and Sharing Results in 2013
  • Urban Transfer Station in Halton Region: A Cost-Effective Solution to Manage Increased Volumes from Population Growth
  • Adding Capacity to Expand Materials in Essex-Windsor
  • City of Toronto’s Tower Renewal Project Seeks to Increase Recycling in Diverse Multi-family Residences
  • Fall ORW Comes to Barrie, Ontario on Tuesday, October 8, 2013
  • Blue Box Training Takes Place in Barrie on Wednesday, October 9
  • MWA Announces Program for October 29 Fall Workshop

Issue 19, June 2013

  • Update on 2013 CIF Request for Expressions of Interest
  • Electrical Retrofits Lead to Substantial Cost Savings at OVWRC
  • Greater Sudbury Finds that Large Containers Can Work!
  • ‘Smart’ RFP Results in Cost-effective Enhancements at the Durham MRF
  • Solar Compactors Add Up to Substantial Cost-savings for Low Volume Programs
  • Accumulating CIF Project Learnings to Meet the Multi-Res Challenge…
  • CIF’s Container Purchasing Program
  • Project Support Webinars for Municipal Staff
  • Just Who are CIF Staff?
  • Blue Box Training Course Comes to Barrie in the Fall
  • Thanks to all for the Spring Ontario Recycler Workshop

Issue 18, March 2013

  • 2013 Request for Expressions of Interest Invites Applications for Project Support
  • 2013 Blue Box Spring Consultation – Keeping Us in the Loop
  • Maximizing the Value of CIF Project Work through Round Table Programs
  • Status Update on Older Projects
  • Barrie Reports Positive Results on Multi-residential (MR) Project – Tonnage Up 20% (CIF #286)
  • Increasing Norfolk County’s Diversion with “Simple Sort” (CIF #377)
  • Contract Management Course – past and upcoming
  • ORW Comes to Kingston, Ontario for Spring 2013
  • Reminder Multi-Res Superintendent & Manager Workshop Applications Welcome Until March 31 (CIF #434)
  • Order Recycling Carts Through CIF Container Program Until May 31

Issue 17: January 2013

  • WDO and MIPC Approve CIF 2013 Operations Plan
  • Energy Efficiency Installations at Guelph MRF (CIF Project 287)
  • Adding Capacity in Durham Region (CIF Project 189)
  • More Materials, More Containers and New P&E Yield Increased Recovery in the Town of Aylmer (CIF Project 397)
  • Bigger Blower Pipe on MRF Container Line Improved Quality, Savings and Productivity Metrics (CIF Project 656.2)
  • Multi-Res Superintendent & Manager Workshop Grants to Wrap-up; Applications Welcome to Mar. 31 (CIF Project 434)
  • Introducing the Municipal Blue Box Training Program
  • CNA/OCNA Funding Update
  • CIF Container Purchase Program
  • Time to Change Your Bookmark for the Contracts Database Tool
  • ORW Update: Fall ORW Focused on CIF’s 2013 Directions and Key Projects

Issue 16: October 2012

  • Increasing Recovery in the Town of Perth (CIF Project #255/301)
  • It’s the Simple Things That Add Up…Increasing Collection Efficiency in The Town of Blue Mountains (CIF Project #338)
  • Roll Out the Carts in Guelph (CIF Project #284)
  • Closing the Loop: Adding Recycled Content to Ontario Blue Boxes
  • New Documents Available at CIF Website Wrap up the MIPC Blue Box Optimization Study (CIF Project #428)
  • CIF Launches a New Waste Audit Guide (CIF Project #718)
  • Easier Access to the CIF’s P&E Shop
  • CIF and Stewardship Ontario are Set to Provide Capital Funding for EPS Recycling in Ontario (CIF Project #713)
  • Joint Project to Support Flexible Film Plastic Set to Start Up (CIF Project #714)
  • CIF Contracts Management Course and Fall ORW Coming Up in November
  • Municipal Waste Association’s Annual Fall Event on Monday, October 29

Issue 15, July 2012

  • Waste audits and cost allocation study… data and details will be available soon
  • Joint REOI: seeking new markets for blue box EPS and XPS
  • Sign up now for July 25 presentation of the MIPC Blue Box Optimization Study findings: In person meeting and webcast (CIF Project #428)
  • Simcoe County’s Mobile Education Unit boosts participation and delights viewers (CIF Project #276)
  • Northumberland County container baler upgrade & monitoring results (CIF Project #271)
  • Elgin County initiatives contribute to program growth and cost savings (CIF Project #294)
  • Multi-res Train-the-Trainer Workshops (CIF Project #379/434)
  • On another note…your work reaches outside of Ontario
  • The scoop on buying blue boxes through CIF
  • CIF partner AMO comments on the inclusion of waste collection and transportation to the EASR
  • Upcoming contract position with CIF
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop: planning is underway

Issue 14, March 2012

  • REOI for 2012 Waste Audit Series Available Now: Friday, March 16 Deadline for Submissions
  • City of Guelph Posts Impressive Gains with New Ti-tech Sorter (CIF Project #177)
  • CIF Train-the-Trainer for Multi-Res…More Workshops Planned for this Spring
  • Reminder: CIF’s Joint Tender Support Available to Purchase Carts and Blue Boxes
  • AMO Hosting Municipal Consultation on Blue Box Funding Models this Spring
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop Is Coming to Barrie on Wednesday, April 18
  • NAPCOR’s must-read article about the exponential growth of full-wrap labels on PET bottles

Issue 13, December 2011

  • Integrated Planning – Time to Get Back to Basics
  • Provincial Blue Box Optimization Study Gets Underway
  • Cooperative Purchasing Tenders Can Put Money Back into Municipal Budgets
  • If You Missed the Multi-res Train-the-Trainer Workshops Before…here’s your chance!
  • CIF 2012 Budget Update
  • Fall ORW and Tour of Two MRFs Roll Through London in Late November

Issue 12, October 2011

  • REOI Approvals Ottawa Supports Program Expansion with Effective Promotion and Education (CIF Project #411)
  • Innovative Multi-res Action Key to Success in Halton Region (CIF Project #534.4)
  • Timmins’ Recycling Program Updates Spark Increases in Collection (CIF Project #173)
  • London’s Manning Drive MRF Open for Business (CIF Project #146)
  • Register Now for the Ontario Recycler Workshop and MRF tour
  • Municipal Waste Association Fall Conference Set for Later this Month

Issue 11, July 2011

  • Reviewing and Starting Up REOI Projects for 2011
  • Promoting Plastics Recycling: “My Plastic Is In” launches in Four Ontario Communities (CIF Project #415)
  • Better RFPs for Stronger Programs with CIF Assistance (CIF Project #392)
  • Continuous Improvement for the CIF’s “One Stop P&E Shop”
  • “Sort it Right” – Public Spaces Recycling Adds to Whitby’s Diversion Program (CIF Project #268)
  • Multi-Residential Train-the-Trainer Workshops for Superintendents: A New Approach to Increasing Diversion (CIF Project #379)
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop: Spring Session Results and Plans for the Fall

Issue 10: May 2011

  • Waste Workshop Helps First Nations and Tribal Councils Enhance Their Diversion Programs (CIF Project #349)
  • Multi-residential Recycling – Building Design 101 (CIF Project #219)
  • Municipalities Put Their ‘Hands Up’ to Help Create a New School Recycling Curriculum (CIF Project #356/369)
  • New CIF Website Enhances Access to Blue Box Information
  • Ontario Recycler Workshop Returns to Barrie June 9
  • CIF Zeroing in on Multi-Residential Recycling with June 8 ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop

Issue 9: March 2011

  • 2011 REOI for Funding Priorities Due March 11
  • New RFP Development Tool and CIF Funding will Help Municipalities Contract for Recycling Services
  • Yellow is the New “Blue” for Container Bins in Two Eastern Ontario Towns
  • Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority Aims to Boost Recycling with a P&E Re-launch
  • Is Blue Box Training on Your “To Do” List? Plan to participate in future offerings of the Training
  • Plastics Project Conference Call for Municipalities Scheduled for Wednesday, March 9
  • Event Update: Spring Ontario Recycler Workshop Headed Back to Barrie

Issue 8: December 2010

  • New REOI: Early January
  • Plastics Session at November ORW
  • Multi-Municipal Waste Planning Pays off for 30 Recycling Municipalities (CIF Project #180/226/265/294/298/305/307/311/312/355)
  • Building Code Review Focuses on Increased Multi-residential Recycling (CIF Project #219)
  • Simcoe County Puts a New Spin on Recycling (CIF Project #276/277)
  • Sarnia Takes Action on MR Recycling (CIF Project #125)
  • West Nipissing and North Dundas Project Reports Available Online (CIF Project #230/263)
  • Event Update: Fall Ontario Recycler Workshop Delivered Quality Information and a Valued-Added Workshop Feature

Issue 7: October 2010

  • Interested in Helping to Shape Classroom Recycling Infrastructure and Curriculum? Call Us.
  • Cart Tender Awarded to Rehrig Pacific Saves Municipalities Time and Money (CIF Project #221/514.4/525.4)
  • CIF Energy Audit Program Wraps Up (CIF Project #216/232/314/380)
  • CIF Releases Report Template for Multi-Residential Best Practices Projects (CIF Project #433)
  • Developing a Blue Box Plan is a Recycling Best Practice: Does Your Program Have Its Plan in Place? (CIF Project #258)
  • Report on Alternate Fuel Collection Vehicles Points to Significant Fuel Cost Savings with a Short Pay-back Period (CIF Project #217)
  • New Canadian-based Polystyrene Processor Seeks Material
  • Event Update: Ontario Recycler Workshop Comes to Kitchener-Waterloo on November 25

Issue 6: July 2010

  • Guelph Takes Action to Improve Performance (CIF Project #216)
  • Spring CIF REOI Update
  • Waste Recycling Planning: Essential, but Often Ignored
  • Speedy and Effective Contract-Writing with CIF’s Contract Database and Model Documents Tool (CIF Project #122)
  • P&E Assistance for Small Recycling Programs is Just a Click Away
  • CIF Co-ordinates Joint Cart Tender for Cost-effective and Efficient Procurement
  • EPS Densification in Sault Ste. Marie
  • Event Update: Tenth Ontario Recycler Workshop Delivers Value-added Information
  • Question of the Month: If you have not yet put in place a WRS plan, what would prevent you from doing so and is there anything that the CIF can offer to help out?

Issue 5: April 2010

  • CIF’s REOI for 2010 projects generates huge response
  • Guelph energy savings report identifies substantial room for improvement (CIF Project #216)
  • CIF partners with software developers on multi-res database tool (CIF Project #236)
  • City of London approves new MRF to be built with $4.4 million (CIF Project #146)
  • CIF Funding CIF plastics projects: good news for markets (CIF Project #127)
  • Mike Birett focuses on facility upgrades and other MRF matters (CIF Project #227)
  • Event Update: Waste Recycling Strategy Training Sessions/Ontario Recycler Workshop planned for Thursday, June 17 in Barrie
  • Question of the Month: What topics are of greatest interest to you for the June 17 ORW?

Issue 4: February 2010

  • $24 Million Funding Available in 2010
  • CIF Releases REOI for 2010 Priority Projects
  • CIF to Release Municipal Waste Recycling Strategy Template for Best Practice Funding (CIF Project #215)
  • Durham Region Plans to Increase Recycling with Second Blue Boxes (CIF Project #189)
  • For Consideration – Clear Bags for Garbage to Increase Diversion CIF Offers Assistance with Recovered Polystyrene
  • CIF Plastics Project Conference Call Updates
  • Event Update: Overview of the December 4 ORW
  • Question of the Month: What topics areas should be included on the agenda for the next Ontario Recycler Workshop?

Issue 3: November 2009

  • New Contracts Database and Model Tender Coming Soon! (CIF Project #122)
  • Guelph to Complete First CIF Energy Audit Under the CIF’s New Energy Services Company Program (CIF Project #216)
  • CIF Policy Offers Pre-approved Funding for Multi-residential Best Practice Projects (CIF Project #166/212/221/236/250/286/301/358/399/432/508.4/513.4/514.4/517.4/525.4/534.4/566.4/617.5/619.5/631.5)
  • Cart Based Automated Collection Promises to Maintain Timmins’ Overall Waste Management Costs and Boost Recycling (CIF Project #129/162/351)
  • New Compactors Enhance McDougall Township’s Depot (Project Number 209)
  • CIF Staff/Out and About: Northern Ontario Programs Host Clayton and Mike
  • Coming soon: Friday December 4 Ontario Recycler Workshop in Toronto and Webcast
  • Question of the Month: We would like to know if your municipality is considering developing or implementing a plan for recycling in 2010

Issue 2: October 2009

  • EPS Densification Feasibility Study (CIF Project #130)
  • CIF Approves Funding to Develop a Small Program Promotion and Education Tool-kit
  • Decision-making Assistance Comparing Direct Haul vs. Transfer Station Costs (CIF Project #148)
  • Monthly Plastics Projects Conference Call
  • CIF Staff in the Field
  • Question of the Month: Collection vehicles using compressed natural gas are starting to be used by municipalities in the United States to reduce carbon emissions and realize up to 30% reduction in fuel costs. What policy or funding initiatives might be used in Ontario to implement a similar change in collection fleets?

Issue 1: September 2009

  • BAWSR’s Eddy Current Separator (CIF Project #138)
  • Co-operative Municipal Efforts (CIF Project #136)
  • CIF & Partners Announce Plastics Pilot (CIF Project #127)
  • Improving MR Capture in the City of Peterborough (CIF Project #166/174/565.4)
  • New CIF Form Simplifies Application Process
  • Planning in Process for Fall ORW
  • Question of the Month: The CIF strategic plan identifies our priorities as Best Practice, Innovation, Emerging Technologies and Communication & Education. If CI