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New Learnings about Effective P&E Distribution to Boost MR Recycling!

Distributing P&E in person to multi-residential tenants requires a lot of resources and may not be feasible for all buildings in all municipalities. However, occasional in-person distribution to prudently selected buildings can reap valuable information and boost recovery. To test this theory, Simcoe County put a new spin on a familiar study. Staff selected three buildings with similar demographics from the County’s social housing sector. Next they conducted recycling audits at all three sites to establish a benchmark for contamination [...]

Exporting Recyclables Overseas: Essential Information for Ontario Recyclers

In a blog this spring, we provided information for programs that transport recyclables to markets in the U.S. With this blog, and with the input of Recyclable Materials Marketing (REMM), we present an essential companion piece that details what programs need to know about Exporting Recyclable Commodities Overseas from Canada. For many years, programs have been content to know their materials were being managed by brokers or haulers, and sold to offshore markets, but without necessarily knowing the details of [...]

2017 REOI Update – 2018 Municipal Needs Survey

The 2017 REOI was approved to distribute up to $5,180,000 and was issued March 13. The REOI closed May 3 and municipalities responded enthusiastically by submitting 35 applications for funding before the deadline.  The total value of all the proposed projects was $14,938,670 and $7,935,543 of funding was requested from CIF.  Following all the evaluations, CIF has approved $2,031,120 for distribution. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the results shortly and the grant preparation process has begun [...]

Earn Four Continuing Education Units for the 2017 Datacall and Upgrade Your Skills

The next session of CIF’s Fundamental Principles in Recycling Planning is now open Over the past few months, CIF has been offering this new online course. Participants say it’s a great value for staff who want to learn something new, deepen their knowledge on specific, technical topics, or simply update their knowledge at a time when developments are requiring a strong understanding of the blue box system in its entirety. This course is unique in its comprehensiveness. The multi-module course provides [...]

Commodity Market Trends*

China is the largest importer of recovered materials in the world, accounting for approximately 27% of global scrap imports.  In July, China informed the World Trade Organization (WTO) that it will be imposing a ban on importing 24 types of scrap as of September 2017. In its response to the ban, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) suggests that the current language used by China does not differentiate between waste (garbage with no value) and scrap (defined by [...]

Reducing Costs by Integrating Residents into Your Blue Box Service Delivery Model

Go into any big box store today and you’ll be sure to find a self-serve check out aisle. Customers are encouraged to do the work of scanning items and tallying up the cost of the items they want to purchase. This trend of shifting work to the customer is becoming more and more commonplace. Why? Because it is recognized as a win-win practice that helps minimize costs for the business and lower prices for the consumer. In this, perhaps, [...]

Use the Change of Seasons to Promote Program Changes

It’s been proven that people tend to be more open to changing routine behaviours during times of transition. In that light, the Fall offers a golden opportunity to educate residents about ways to change their habits to tune up their recycling performance. If you’re planning your Fall or Winter campaign, this blog offers a reminder of the many free resources, tracking components, and training opportunities that will support your efforts. Image databanks & other online resources Consider aligning your campaign with other [...]

Niagara Fibre Optical Sorting Success Story

With the help of CIF funding, a $2.56 million FOSS, including two TiTech optical sort units rated at a combined 24 tonnes/hr, was procured through a competitive RFP process and was designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned by Van Dyk Baler Corporation. The system was installed in the MRF to increase the recovery of old corrugated cardboard (OCC) and boxboard (OBB) from the newsprint stream and to reduce the level of contamination in the newsprint stream. After installation of the FOSS, [...]

The Challenges of Gable-Top and Aseptic Container Recycling

Leading the Pack Sherry Arcaro, Vice-President – Consulting Services and Commodity Sales, Recyclable Materials Marketing (REMM),, 705-768-5877 Photo Source: Carton Council of Canada, One of the first packaging formats to emerge beyond the traditional steel, glass, and aluminum included gable-top and aseptic. This light-weight and shelf stable packaging was designed to contain products normally packed in glass or steel. The applications for this type of packaging continue to expand, as does its prevalence in the residential recycling stream. From a [...]

Brant County RFP Success Story

The County of Brant is located in Southwestern Ontario about 30km west of Hamilton and is predominantly a rural municipality with a 40% urban mix. Brant occupies approximately 850 km2 surrounding the City of Brantford and services a population of about 31,000 in 14,354 single family and 550 multi-family residences. The County’s last Request for Proposal (RFP) was released in 2007. County staff recognized that, while adequate at the time, developing an RFP with additional detail and current industry language [...]