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Red Lake’s Recycling Transport Upgrades

Getting recyclable materials to market without breaking the bank is a common challenge faced by remote municipalities in Northern Ontario. Inadequate infrastructure and considerable geographic distances to recycling centres can quickly inflate shipping costs. The Municipality of Red Lake decided to overcome these challenges by making an investment in their recycling transport infrastructure with the help of a CIF grant. Prior to the investment, the municipality shipped its recyclable materials to the Dryden Recycling Facility using a contracted straight-bodied garbage [...]

Cleaner bales for increased revenues; It just makes sense

In the face of a continually evolving mix of consumer packaging, MRF operators must make strategic investments to maximize profitability from their available material stream. Niagara Region’s new eddy current separator system For Niagara Region, that meant installing a new Javelin Manufacturing L.L.C. eddy current separator system (ECSS) to reduce residue in its aluminum stream. With this change, the Region has been able to upgrade its used aluminum beverage container (UBC) bales to primary grade and secure pricing at $344/tonne more [...]

Lessons in vigilance and ingenuity: optimizing performance at the York Region MRF

Modern MRFs require constant investments in order to take advantage of new technologies, deal with the changing waste stream and remain cost competitive. In 2011, York Region added two optical sort systems, plus a mixed paper sort line and a new baler. The Region also widened the mixed paper and newspaper disc screens. The 2011 upgrade increased processing capacity from 90,000 to 140,000 tpy and addressed the Region’s capacity issues. However, as in many single stream operations, a decent quantity [...]