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Automated Cart Collection: What We Have Learned?

Peel Region transitioned from Blue Box collection to an automated cart-based collection system in January 2016. Cart-based service offers residents more storage capacity for recyclables between collections and allows the Region to collect recyclables every other week rather than weekly. While the roll out to roughly 300,000 households was one of the largest and most complex program launches ever, the Region expects to save between $4.99 and $6.67 million/year while increasing annual Blue Box recovery by 6.5% to 7.1%. [...]

Niagara Continues to Show Leadership in Addressing Problematic Materials

Like many municipalities, Niagara faced a challenge in managing its mixed broken glass (MBG). Historically, the Region used its manually sorted MRF glass in its EcoGlass plant to produce abrasives for sandblasting. Due to changes in MRF processing design resulting in a transition from manual glass sorting to mixed broken glass the plant was unable to process this contaminated MBG feedstock. This forced the Region to ship its MGB to a third party pre-processor and import clean glass for use [...]

Resources for More than 150 Blue Box Depots Across Ontario

Depot operations used to seem pretty easy: set out a few roll off bins, add a bit of signage and collect up all the waste and recyclables your residents wanted to bring to you. But that was always a myth. Blue Box depot at Woodstock Operating efficient and safe recycling depots requires planning that can more closely represent a department store than a waste management facility. Understanding the complexities in depot design, construction and operations is critical to making one work [...]

Residue Management: Is Technology the Solution?

Residue rates in Ontario have more than doubled over the past 15 years from 4% to a provincial average of 9.6%. Dual-stream residue rates are in the range of 7.6% while single-stream rates exceed the provincial average at 11.6% and both are continuing in an upward trend adding stress to the economics of recycling. Management approaches to this problem fall into two camps: technology-based solutions that improve sorting capabilities vs. policy & enforcement-based solutions that require residents to recycle in [...]

Managing Residue in Multi-res Buildings: What’s the Best Solution?

For most programs, collecting quality recyclables from multi-residential (MR) buildings is still a big hill to climb, despite efforts to increase convenience and capacity and communicate effectively. The question remains: is it best to use technology to clean up materials at the MRF or can we change behaviour with P&E and enforcement? With more than 25% of its residents in MR buildings, the Region of Peel has focused on developed a strong MR recycling program and achieved important gains through [...]

EPR & RFP, Tender & Contract Support

Yankee baseball legend Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Unfortunately, we are now forced to do just that with respect to the effect of new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation on recycling collection and processing contracts that are up for renewal. Many municipalities have waited a long time to see what will be required in new contracts as result of passage of Bill 151, the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016. We simply don’t know yet. So what [...]