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Armour Township Stays Proactive Amidst Changing Conditions

Photo source: Township of Armour Armour Township is making capital investments in its blue box program. Despite uncertainty around the amended Blue Box Program Plan (a-BBPP), changing markets and municipal partnerships and being a small rural northern municipality, Armour has stayed proactive in their approach. In the fall of 2017, Armour invested in a Stationary Recycling Compactor and two 40-yard bins at the TRI Communal Landfill & Recycling Centre. The Centre is jointly managed and funded by the Municipalities of Armour, [...]

MR Contamination Minimization Campaigns: What Works & What Doesn’t?

Contamination of recyclables is a costly issue for Blue Box recycling programs province-wide. In communities like the Region of Peel, that have a sizeable MR sector, non-compliant packaging placed out for recycling can significantly burden sorting practices at the MRF and drive up costs. Over the past several years, Peel Region staff have noted that in addition to setting out unwanted items in the Blue Box, residents were increasingly placing recyclables out for collection in tied off bags and using [...]

A Bidder’s Perspective on Municipal Collection and Processing RFPs

Rick Clow, General Manage, Quinte Waste Solutions In an attempt to aid all municipalities in crafting their RFPs, and hopefully improving pricing in the process, Rick Clow from Quinte Waste Solutions (QWS) agreed to share some thoughts on the bidder’s response side of the RFP process. QWS receives RFPs from non-member Ontario municipalities for services that include Blue Box recycling collection, processing, promotion and material marketing. After review, where it is geographically feasible, QWS will complete and submit a proposal in [...]

Niagara Prepares for the New World

So, what are you doing to prepare for the proposed amendment to the Blue Box Program Plan (a-BBPP)? The Regional Municipality of Niagara (Niagara) is preparing, with the assistance of CIF staff and funding, by completing an EPR business case analysis of its MRF and associated assets. Background The business case analysis involved market valuations of the MRF’s equipment, land and building. The analysis also entailed a business market valuation, work that is currently in progress with RSM Canada (CIF Project [...]

Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge?

The “CIF Challenge” is a contest designed to test your knowledge of Blue Box program better practices and learnings through information posted on the CIF website. It offers a new opportunity to dig into the insights and information derived from the hundreds of projects completed, and the hard work of municipalities and other CIF stakeholders over the years. Here’s how it works Every other week we plan to post a question that you can answer by engaging your sleuthing skills and [...]

Help! We’re on Fire!

Although over 280 fire incidents were reported at facilities in a the period referenced in the Fire Rover study*, many more were not because they were too small to get any news attention or shut down the facility.  A breakdown of fires by facility type is shown in the graphic to the right. With an average of almost one a day in North America, it looks like facility fires are more common than we would like to admit. So what should [...]

The CIF in 2018: Operations Plan, Funding Opportunities and Events

At its December 2017 meeting CIF Committee approved the CIF’s 2018 Operations Plan (and budget) as an interim plan. The Plan has been designed to permit continued operations of the CIF in accordance with its Three Year Strategic Plan (2016-2018) but recognizes the potential for the amended BBPP (a-BBPP) to trigger the wind down of the Fund. Accordingly, the Plan includes provisions to allow it to be modified, where necessary, as a result of an approved amendment of the [...]

2018 Commences With a Farewell and a Welcome

As we enter 2018 and prepare to address the challenges that lie ahead, we’re pleased to welcome David Yousif to the team as a CIF Project Manager. He is already hard at work, picking up the reins on projects managed by Gary Everett, who is stepping away from full time work with the CIF, effective immediately. We’re excited for Gary, and truly sorry to see him go. The CIF, and the Ontario Blue Box program have benefited immeasurably from the [...]

2018 Municipal Needs Survey Results

CIF’s 2018 Municipal Needs Survey closed this week and consisted of 5 statements plus an open comment option. Survey participants were permitted to fill out the survey only once. Participants were asked to select a single response ranging from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree” for each statement and provide additional comments. Those who included their contact info were entered into a draw for a token gift card. Congratulations to our draw winner, Cathy Wiebe, of Wellington County who will [...]

CIF Publishes Year One Report of Provincial Waste Composition Studies

The CIF has committed to building a provincially representative dataset of generation, capture, and residue rates for municipal Blue Box programs across the nine Datacall groups. As a first step towards this goal, the CIF has published the summary results from year one of the CIF/Stewardship Ontario jointly funded waste composition studies. This waste composition study funding is planned for three years, so we will be updating this report at the completion of each study period. Plan to check back regularly [...]