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Brant County RFP Success Story

The County of Brant is located in Southwestern Ontario about 30km west of Hamilton and is predominantly a rural municipality with a 40% urban mix. Brant occupies approximately 850 km2 surrounding the City of Brantford and services a population of about 31,000 in 14,354 single family and 550 multi-family residences. The County’s last Request for Proposal (RFP) was released in 2007. County staff recognized that, while adequate at the time, developing an RFP with additional detail and current industry language [...]

‘Tis the Season: Assisting Seasonal Residents with Recycling

Municipalities with high seasonal resident populations typically service this population with depot collection at landfill or transfer site locations.  Cottagers are often ready and willing recycling participants who need a little help understanding the differences from their home recycling programs. Landfill attendant with resident – CIF 536.10 Township of McMurrich Monteith In addition to providing a clean, welcoming depot with clear signage (check out the CIF Depot Best Practices) there are other opportunities to clarify how the seasonal recycling program works, [...]

Managing Residue in Multi-residential Buildings: Lessons learned from Peel Region

In a recent project, Peel Region focused a comprehensive P&E campaign on the problem of incorrect set outs in multi-residential (MR) buildings, yielding valuable learnings for programs across the province. Tied off bags: Can we get residents to stop setting out recyclables in them? Increasingly MRFs struggle to deal with materials entering facilities in tied off grocery bags and black garbage bags. While the bags may contain valuable recyclables, operators find it time consuming, inefficient and often dangerous to open them. [...]

Transporting Commodities – The Road to Success

Did you know that approximately 11.6 million trucks moved freight across the border between Canada and United States in 2016 (U.S. Bureau of Transportation)? This movement of goods is made possible because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a treaty signed between Canada, Mexico and the United States. The U.S. has been Canada’s top trading partner for several years with approximately U.S. $545 billion in trade occurring in 2016. A portion of this trade includes transportation of recyclable [...]

Slashing Hauling Costs: The CIF’s New “Compactors” Section Goes Live

Compaction of recyclables prior to shipping to the MRF is a proven best practice. Achieved by front/rear load bins, stationary compactors or by simple packing with available loaders, compaction saves shipping costs. The new “Compactors” section features a lot of great information for you laid out in a convenient drill down format. You simply click the button on the topic that interests you to jump to the detailed information you need. The linked pages behind each main topic provide explanations of [...]

Compaction Cuts Depot Costs in Grey Highlands New FEL Bin Collection System (CIF 629.8)

The beautiful Beaver River in Grey Highlands Grey Highlands is a predominantly rural community (882.4 km2) located in southwestern Ontario approximately 200 km north of Toronto and 40 km south of Owen Sound.  According to 2016 census data the Municipality has a population of 9,802 and 5,200 households.  Grey Highlands is one of nine partner municipalities within Grey County. In 2013, the Municipality applied for funding and technical assistance from the CIF to support preparation of a tender for a new [...]