CIF Priorities

Optical Sort and Lines

Optical Sort and Lines

The CIF priorities this year are detailed in the 2017 CIF Operations Plan. This plan reflects the program partners’ desire to balance allocation of funding to support implementation of the CIF 2016-2018 Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) with the needs of stakeholders identified through the CIF’s annual Blue Box Outreach meetings. This year’s plan emphasizes allocation of funding to support:

  • system optimization
  • cost containment and cost savings initiatives
  • transitional support in response to new legislation.
  • Centre of Excellence projects as described in the 2017 CIF Operations Plan.

Grant opportunities will allocated through a Request for Expressions of Interest in the Spring.

To learn more about the CIF Funding process including general categories of funding support, what happens from the time an application is submitted through to its evaluation and the steps that need to be followed to successfully complete CIF projects: visit Funding & Projects