CIF Operations Plans

The 2017 CIF Operations Plan offers information about priorities for the Fund for 2017.

The CIF produces annual Operations Plans to meet the objectives described in the CIF Strategic Plan, originally developed in December 2007.

The most recent version – the 2017 CIF Operations Plan set out plans and priorities for the 2017 program year in accordance with priorities outline in the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan and in consideration of priorities outlined by stakeholders last year’s Blue Box Outreach meetings. It builds on prior year’s success and initiatives in support of stakeholders’ priorities including individual or collective grant opportunities that support:

  • system optimization
  • cost containment and cost savings initiatives
  • transitional support in response to new legislation.

The 2017 plan further addresses CIF Centre of Excellence activities including:

  • development of better practices and toolkits
  • research into materials management
  • support for RFT and tender development
  • training initiatives
  • outreach services
  • performance auditing and waste composition studies.

For 2017, a total of over $5M in funding opportunities is available to individual stakeholders and groups seeking to work together on topical or geographically-related initiatives consistent with these priorities.