2018 Commences With a Farewell and a Welcome

As we enter 2018 and prepare to address the challenges that lie ahead, we’re pleased to welcome David Yousif to the team as a CIF Project Manager. He is already hard at work, picking up the reins on projects managed by Gary Everett, who is stepping away from full time work with the CIF, effective immediately.

We’re excited for Gary, and truly sorry to see him go. The CIF, and the Ontario Blue Box program have benefited immeasurably from the unique blend of technical, logistical and communication skills, and his commitment to top quality work that he’s brought to every project he has helped advance.

In Gary’s words, “when I incorporated my first company in 1986 I never dreamed I would still be at the oars 32 years later. I’m pleased to finish my full-time career with CIF – a dedicated group of professionals that make a difference every day with their hard work and sense of humour. Now it’s time to pass the torch and slow down, consulting part-time with my company, the Emerald Group, before I exit the consulting business for good.”

Dave Faris Yousif, a sustainable waste management professional with DF Yousif Consulting, is well known to many CIF stakeholders. He comes from Reclay StewardEdge and earlier, the City of Hamilton where he was the MRFs Project Manager. Dave brings a wealth of expertise to his role in supporting municipalities that wish to continue system optimization and prepare for program transition.

CIF-related emails sent to geverett@thecif.ca will be redirected to Dave’s email at dyousif@thecif.ca.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gary for his hard work, his great humour and innovation and the ingenuity that he’s brought to every situation he’s managed with the CIF. It’s farewell…but not goodbye!

David Faris Yousif, CIF
Project Manager
Cell: 289-439-2108
Gary Everett, The Emerald Group
Office: 519-533-1939
Cell: 519-500-5555